Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello Kitty Lamp

A hello kitty lamp is a piece of merchandise found in most hard ware stores in America. It contains many unique plastic designs from Japan that give you the buyer a piece of Japanese history at your door step.

If you have ever wondered what it took to create a work of art without even trying, then let me explain it to you. Understanding the overall make up and origin of plastic helps in this analysis as well.

In order for you to analyze plastic, first understand that it originally comes from sand. It is similar to concrete in this regard, and should be noted somewhere that it is very breakable.

Concrete is a much tougher substance that plastic, and this is due to the gravel and rocks that make it up. Most foreign countries are not aware of the process of concrete creation, and thus they use their traditional dirt roads for most forms of travel.

Of course, you the reader are not here to hear a lecture on the invention of concrete, but rather the plastic that makes up the frame and base of the lamp. I always thought of a lamp sort of like a tree, as it stands with its trunk and hangs out its branches.

A hello kitty lamp can be bought at almost every store across the United States nowadays. If you like the young girl design of this brand then it is highly recommend you purchase it as a birthday present.

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