Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello Kitty Lamp

The hello kitty lamp is an accessory with all kinds of features. Let me first tell you that its base is made of solid plastic fortified by Japanese car makers and manufacturers.

I feel as if I am about to explode with excitement. Perhaps it is finally time to write the letter and get it over with. I mean, what exactly is stopping me from doing so? What is my limitation in this regard?

Having a good view of the consequences as always been a problem in my family. I feel as though I will regret not doing it in the first place though. I must conjure up my fear and get it over with.

What exactly should I say when I show up at their door step? If they call, how do I convince them to join me? I have already given away my weakness of speech to one of the girls, and I do not plan to show it any time soon.

I dislike hearing immaturity around the house. I am much too old for something of that low level and I will not tolerate hearing it any longer. The fire inside me is burning today.

The hello kitty lamp has nothing to do with my ability or capability of speech. If all goes well, I will conquer it and make some friends along the way. Friends are always nice assuming of course you can trust them.

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