Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello Kitty Lamp

A cool accessory for your home would be none other than the hello kitty lamp. This limited edition product is only available for a short time as it will be eliminated off store shelves sooner or later.

The technical way to take apart a lamp is as follows. Remove the base from the mantle and slowly but surely screw the knots back in their place. This will cause the nails to fall out in due time.

The process of saving the pieces will allow you to recreate a mantle that was even better than the last one. This of course if done in your taste of mind and should be formed using your imagination.

Your lamp style should be make out of the most quality wood that is found in most forests around your area. These include birch, needle, and maple trees that offer you a sturdy and sure material for building.

Keep in mind your resources are limited due to material and wildlife laws. These two notes are taken into consideration due to destruction of property and animal safety laws.

The hello kitty lamp is a great piece of merchandise for people trying to make one for themselves. The materials used to make them are rare yet sturdy enough for a great build and base.